Shadow Dance Arts 
It all started in 2005 when a friend of a friend was looking for a new home for her 4 male llamas.....We had lots of green grass and I had been toying with buying some sheep for a couple of years and so, one thing led to another and there they were.

Four beautiful lawn ornaments!

Llamas are quite the characters and rather comical to have around. We learned of their communal poop pile and its benefits to the garden, how not to get caught in the crossfire of their spitting when the grain comes to the gate, how to shear them, how to halter them, and how to enjoy their stoic nature....

A few years later, I decided I still wanted some sheep and so was forced to choose which llamas would stay to attempt the guardian role. Luckily I made a good choice and now Muddy and Wing reside with the ewes throughout the year. Occasionally, as shepherd, I create much angst by throwing off their head count when I need to remove a few ladies for breeding groups or to bring to a new home....

Their sensitivity to the flock amazes me.